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Mean long-term value for the entire supply chain. We work each and every day to create more value to all parties involved in our business.

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Organiche offers a comprehensive and expanded line of products, making us one of the leading suppliers of organic and natural ingredients worldwide.

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With distribution centers in both coasts of the USA, Organiche (Serenata Brands) has the ability to do both FOB and Ship-To programs for all of our customers. Our own consumer store will be up soon.

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From Our Own Super Foods Produce Stand…

With over thirty year’s history of sourcing organic ingredients including a long list of organic produce (fruit, vegetable, other) powder, Produce Trader is creating new marketing and sales programs to reach a whole new audience.

Smoothie Solutions: Our Boosterz branded line-up of produce powders (ideal as smoothie enhancers) can take the place of any core ingredient for the making of any smoothie out there. We help with the headache relating to a number of produce types that are hard to chop or mince up.
Look for our new Smoothie Solutions Center Website (www.SmoothieShops.com) that will be helping our customers with complimentary solutions to their efforts in selling smoothie program offerings to their customers.

Meal Solutions: Our branded Boosterz organic produce powders are also commonly used by a number of our customers as an ingredient for rubs, sauces and other recipe options. For example our organic mango powder is used for a number of Indian dishes including curries and more.

Retail: The Produce Trader Boosterz family includes a large number of options for the consumer.

Food Service: Check with us for our list of organic produce powder options for food service customers.

Organiche Origins

Our company has been in the produce powder business for 30 years. The new Organiche brand was created due to a growing demand from our customers that we avail our organic produce powders in retail packaging. Being both organic and non-GMO, Organiche has options for everyone looking for a healthy alternative.

Our parent company, High Quality Organics, has over 30 years history of helping set up organic farms worldwide. We continue the quest in finding the best ingredients in countries worldwide (even some countries that you might not be aware of).

Serenata Brands will continue its efforts in creating new organic retail food and beverage
products using its unique
access to organic farms
worldwide through its
parent company.
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The Produce Section

The Organiche brand is dedicated to bringing new complimentary products that are organic and non-GMO to produce sections in retailers throughout North America. Our Boosterz Produce Powders are ideal for the produce section. Serenata Brands has more products coming in the near future.